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Introducing IT Task Force

We are a mini but mighty team of highly capable and experienced developers and project managers.

We created IT Task Force to be tactical and focused, operating with surgical precision to deliver best-in-class results. Our team grows organically to meet the needs of our customers, but we are committed to remaining highly agile, responsive, and lean. Every team members plays an integral role in the company. We have dedicated positions for project management and customer support, to ensure we can provide you with fast, responsive service.

Our project managers keep everything on track and on budget, with collaborative communication and operational prowess. Our developers have a passion for ingenious and robust software development. Together, we apply our passion and professionalism to create and deploy mission-critical software for our clients.

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Our Areas of Expertise

We innovate and execute with comprehensive software expertise.

We create solutions that allow our clients to reach their customers and achieve their business goals. Every project is fully customized, utilizing a variety of programming languages and cloud technologies to meet the specified requirements. We rigorously test our work to ensure it surpasses expectations.

Our project managers are highly experienced and professional. They follow best practices to keep your project on target and on schedule.

Our team of developers is innovative and expert, and knowledgeable in the following computer languages, platforms, and cloud services:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud computing
  • Android and iOS development
  • CI/CD management
  • Legacy data management
  • Adobe, Salesforce, Talend, Infor M3, Xpert, CEGID

We are committed to keeping our skill set and knowledge current with cutting edge technologies and solutions, so we are always learning and exploring.

Here's how we do it.

We analyze existing resources and architecture.

We establish targets, schedule, and pricing.

We develop, test, and refine applications.

We deploy on the appropriate reource (on-site, cloud, etc).

Here's how we do it.

We analyze existing resources and architecture.

We establish targets, due dates and pricing.

We develop, test, and refine applications.

We deploy on the appropriate reource (on-site, cloud, etc).

The IT Task Force Team

These are the talented pros who get it done.

Benoît L'huissier

CEO & Lead Developer

With a technology background at Dell, Microsoft and as a CTO of startups, Benoît founded ITTF in 2018. A true team leader, he also knows how to delegate when necessary. Ben is an entrepreneur at heart, and knows how to attract enthusiasm.

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Ben created a brewery company with his friends in north of France - get in touch if you are willing to taste it ;)

Sim Racing

Ben started kitesurfing 10 years ago, and travels to the top spots in the world (Cape Verde, South Africa, West Indies, Brazil) for the best waves and wind.

A Selection of Our Work

CASE STUDY 3 of 3:
Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron

Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron has been the gold standard in oenology (the science of winemaking) since 1855. They design and manufacture analysis and measurement devices, and their instruments are known worldwide for their reliability and precision.

LDS called on the expertise of ITTF to create an Android app that could gather data from a photometer through a Bluetooth connection. A photometer can determine the amount of certain chemicals and elements in a liquid by measuring its absorbance at specific light wavelengths. It's a critical tool for technicians while testing wine and spirits.

Click here to visit their website!

We successfully deployed a mobile Android app to manage this analysis, using the photometer DS Oenophoto.

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